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Starting a self challemge

on May 28, 2014

So things are getting very “blah” in my marriage. That’s actually an understatement. Anyway, I was reading an interesting article tonight about betas and alphas and came across “The five beta love languages“. Basically, everyone has a love language, and generally you can spot the one they have because they use it their self! So, I applied this newfound knowledge and I believe Dave’s ‘love language’ is physical touch, meaning kind showings of affection, be it kisses, holding hands, touching of the arm, face, or shoulder. He is always trying to do this stuff to me and I usually get a little annoyed and squirm away. But now, I’m going to challenge myself to show 3 loving touches a day and see how he responds to it.
I still haven’t figured out what mine is though.  I know it’s not acts of service (helping with chores etc). I do like gifts, and he never gets me any. I don’t think it’s words of affirmation. Definitely not physical touch. It just might be quality time, as I don’t get much of that either and it pisses me off to no end when I’m trying to talk to him and he interrupts me or is staring at his phone. I don’t think I could ever expect him to change that though. So maybe if this touch thing works out I’ll show him the article and give him some hints 😉


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